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Tibetan-Australian singer-songwriter to perform in Newham

While most of us may know a little about the intriguing land of Tibet, we rarely have the opportunity to experience its unique culture firsthand.

Neerim South is in for a treat this November with a live performance by Tenzin Choegyal, one of the world's finest Tibetan musicians, as part of his 2023 Be the Ocean concert tour.

A son of Tibetan nomads, Tenzin feels a particular affinity to the music of the Himalayan plateau and is one of a handful of artists keeping Tibet’s music alive in the freedom of exile.

Tenzin plays dranyen (Tibetan lute) and lingbu (bamboo flute) but is best known for his extraordinary vocal ability and performance of droklu, the nomadic music of his parents.

In a career spanning 25+ years Tenzin has performed at festivals and events across Australia and internationally, including performances at New York’s Carnegie Hall. He has also given special performances at public talks by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Brisbane, Sydney, Blue Mountains, Melbourne, Perth and Central Australia – an honour for any Tibetan. 

At the same time, Tenzin enjoys experimenting with diverse musical styles both in the studio and on stage, along with an international cast of collaborators including Philip Glass and Laurie Anderson.

An outstanding composer/ performer with a great depth of musical knowledge, intuition and inventiveness, Tenzin continues to create new sounds while strongly holding the essence of ancient Tibetan wisdom.  

His major work, Songs from the Bardo, is a contemporary interpretation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead. “It’s a really beautiful ancient text, and this work is a fusion of age-old wisdom with a very contemporary sound,” he says. The latest version, recorded with US collaborator Laurie Anderson, was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2021. Tenzin’s most recent album Yeshe Dolma, is dedicated to his late mother, and is the result of a long-term collaboration with Queensland’s celebrated string ensemble, Camerata.

Tenzin’s powerful vocals and connection with his audiences have established him as a favourite on the world music scene. His concert performances bring traditional Tibetan sounds and practices into a very contemporary setting, encompassing soaring nomadic melodies, sublime flute pieces, sacred poetry and playful folk tunes.

Through his music and warm explanations, Tenzin takes audiences on a musical journey which transcends cultural boundaries and reveals ancient wisdoms, even inviting them to join him in lively singalongs and meditative mantras.

He sees traditional music as a universal form of communication, “…where I can connect with others, raise awareness of important issues and encourage mutual understanding of the diversity of humanity”.

Tenzin’s message is uplifting and his obvious joyfulness is infectious.

Tenzin will be performing at the Newham Mechanics Institute, 1292 Rochford Road, Newham on Saturday November 11 at 7.30pm.

Book online at:

For more information or arrange an interview with Tenzin contact

Dawn Cooper 0428 942 095